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Frequently asked questions

Click on "Connection Information" on the right side of the Dashboard. This will show you all of the connection details as well as link you to different miners that can be used to connect to our pool along with an example on how to use them. If you are having trouble, try asking for help in Discord.

Payouts are important, however please understand that we have no control over the pools luck, network hashrate, difficulty, and other factors that affect earnings.

While you may have been earning more previously, constantly changing factors may be affecting your payout totals now. Over time, your payouts will average out as you earn more and less over a period of time.

This is the same for any mining pool.

Payments are calculated with your total contributed shares being made proportional based on the last 51% of the round. Shares that were earned before the last half the round are given less value. The older a share the less value they have. If you have mined the entire round or mined for the last 51% you will receive a full proportional award. The reason this system is in place for our miners is to reduce the potential for individuals to pool hop and to ensure miners who have mined for an entire round are awarded and paid fairly based on their contribution to the round vs. a miner that has joined in the last 10% of a round

If a miner chooses to join the pool at the beginning of a round and consistently leaves part way through a round to mine on another pool, then under an equal proportional payout system they would receive an unfairly high payout at the expense of the miners who have been loyal and mined the entire round with our pool. The PPNLT payout system is in place to reward loyal miners and penalize pool hoppers to prevent them from earning unfair payouts. If you are looking to join a pool that you can you can mine with long term, and not have to worry about pool hoppers unfairly stealing your rewards a PPLNT pool is your best option.

The minimum payout is very low. Currently it is set to 0.1 for all coins

If other blocks are pending, and will be close to being fully confirmed at the same time, it will wait for (up to 3) blocks to shield and send payment at the same time. Also shielding is very server resource intensive and can take time to complete.

Your immature balance will not show until a block is found.

The pool is calculating your hashrate based on the amount of submitted shares. Give it some time to average out.

To set a custom payout limit, simply connect with one of your miners using the password "payout=xxx" where xxx is the limit you wish to set. This can be any number as low as 0.1

To get an immediate payout of your balance, connect with one of your miners changing the password field to "payout=xxx" where xxx is lower than your existing balance. This will result in a payout during the next round.

It depends on the pools hashrate. If more miners are connected, more hashrate will result in more blocks over time. However while the frequency of blocks increases, the payout share % of your miner will decrease.

Every block found must mature fully before reward can be sent to miners. You can see maturing blocks on the dashboard.

You can, but you should set a payout limit to prevent flooding their network with small amounts.

Unfortuantely we cannot correct this mistake. You should double check your address and reconnect to the pool.

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